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Saturday,Mar 17, 2018
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About Us
Konbucha is an original and unique traditional Japanese soup prepared with konbu produced in Japan.
In the past, by pouring hot water onto shredded konbu, extracted rich umami from konbu and drunk it. And after drinking, ate used konbu.
In 1918, we created powdered Konbucha made with konbu produced in Hokkaido to enhance the taste and flavor.
Ever since, our innovative Konbucha has been well-established, top brand in Japan.
Konbucha is also popular as a seasoning because it has a salty taste, rich umami and flavor from konbu and you can easily add them to your dish. In Japan, Konbucha recipe is often introduced on TV, internet, in magazine and so on.
Now our Konbucha is exported all over the world.
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unique Japanese instant soups and drinks such as
Konbucha (kelp soup) (powder / granule)
Ume-Konbucha (kelp soup ume flavor) (powder / granule)
Shiitakecha (mushroom soup) (fine grain)
Green Tea (matcha green tea powder drink)
Ginger tea (... [More Information]
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